I have been dealing with a hamstring injury for about six months and I am still not fully over it. It has been one of the most frustrating things that I have had to deal with. It is a weird moment to be hit with something that you just can’t rest a couple days and be out of. I am hoping that in the next couple of months I will be able to get back into some running and fix the problems but I am not sure yet.

Magney Trail Race

I had a blast at the Magney-Snively race last night. It was a decent race for me I finished in 48th and felt pretty good the whole way. I think I had a little more left at the end but wanted to be conservative going into the North Face half this weekend. It is just so much fun to be out in the woods with other people that enjoy the same activities. The trail was also in great shape and being that we haven’t had rain in so long I didn’t get very muddy. This is usually a mud bath race.

Ely’s Peak

Met some friends at the 123rd Ave W TR head at about 5:45AM. We headed up the Superior Hiking Trail and were up to the top in about 12 minutes or so. It was a beatiful sunrise and really nice to take a moment to watch it happen. We started down the south side of Ely’s so that we could see the tunnel. We took sometime to look around then headed down the DWP to the Mission Creek area. We stayed on the MC trail and hooked up with the SHT from there. It is one of my favorite sections of SHT with switchback and some good ascent for Minnesota. Overall, we put in around 7.5 miles and really took our time.

Aug 27

Met up with Doug and ran up Ely’s peak by way of the tunnel on the DWP. We tried to get over to Bardon’s peak by way of the DWP but couldn’t find a good route. We ended up bushwhacking up the slope and hooked up with the SHT. I was still feeling sore from stacking cord wood the previous day and this didn’t help the soreness in my left hamstring. In fact, it made it worse. A smart person would have stayed home but I can’t resist getting out on the trails with friends.

Aug 21

Woke up earlier then usual(I am trying to make it more usual) and got out for 7 miles as the sun was coming up. I ran about 2 miles to the trail head of the Superior Hiking Trail at Keene Creek. Then made a big loop and came back up through the dog park. Not my best effort, it really takes me sometime when I run in the morning to feel okay. Stomach issues most of the time. However, it is always nice to get a run in before the day starts.

Training Blog

I think I am going to kind of change the direction of this website. Which is easy to do since there is no direction. I am going to use it to organize my training and running. Overall talk more about what I am doing outside. Hopefully I will be able to figure out a cool way of doing that.

Weekend Run

Had a nice weekend of running. We were supposed to go on a little vacation but a sick kid put that on hold. So I found myself with a rare Saturday off and nothing much to do. I was able to get a nice 10.5 mile run in under the blue sky. Sunday morning I was able to get out on the Superior hiking trail west of the zoo. We had about 2 inches of freshly fallen snow to make it even more beautiful. It was a nice weekend of running after feeling a little behind on my trailing.


I started my training for the Voyageur 50 last week. The first two days were great. I got a nice even paced 10 miler in followed by a faster 7 miler. That is where everything took a turn for the worst. Tuesday afternoon the tummy started to rumble and I found myself spending the next couple hours in the bathroom praying to the porcelain god. Wednesday morning my wife and I were set to go to Vail, Co and do some skiing. It was a bit of a trick getting out the door but we went on to have a great vacation. However with the altitude and coming of being sick there was no running in my training log that week. Now I start a new with a couple nice runs back to back. Hopefully I have gotten the sickness out of the way and can focus on my training.